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Big Data is Everywhere:
Why Not in AML Compliance?

The world today runs on Big Data. By collecting large volumes of data, we are able to detect patterns and trends, illustrate associations, predict outcomes, and uncover information that used to be hidden in plain sight.

Our product is the first to use Big Data, Analytics, and Automation to assess audit risk more efficiently.

Computing on the Cloud

The most popular development of cloud computing has been the creation of Software as a Service (SaaS). Unlike traditional software packages which often have high deployment and maintenance costs, SaaS platforms are scaled, updated and maintained by the vendor – in this case BDSential. We take care of everything on the back end, so the experience on the front end is truly streamlined and automated.

Compliance Data Analytics w/ Pie and Bar Chart Capabilities

The goal of Big Data is to collect a multitude of data points and turn them into information – to see the forest rather than the trees. Our Compliance Analytics and Dashboards allow you to do just that – creating pie charts, bar charts and reports that can be sorted by:

  • Authority (FINRA, SEC, MSRB, BSA, Patriot Act, etc.)
  • Regulation Number
  • Company, Branch, Dept.
  • Audit Name
  • Audit Type
  • Date Range


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