Compliance Data Analytics

Analyze and identify violations patterns and trends over time, reduce the risk of Non-Compliance, and simplify Risk Assessments.

Powerful & Transparent: Compliance Data Analytics Reports and Dashboards

View violations across companies, departments and branches, analyze trends, and simplify Audit Risk Assessments.

The system compiles all Violations and Corrective Action Data across a Company’s Departments, Divisions and Branches, and presents it in both easy to read Reports and Dashboards which include Filter, Sorting, and Drill-Down capabilities necessary to analyze data and identify patterns and trends.

Risk Assessments Simplified

There are two Dashboards, a Violations Breakdown (Pie Chart) presenting violation totals/percentages and a Violations Trending (Bar Chart) presenting violations totals/time. These features were designed to assist users in the performance of Risk Assessments – in particular annual AML Audit Risk Assessments, which requires analysis of prior audit coverage and violations.

Key stakeholders can analyze and identify violations patterns and trends to reduce the risk of Non-Compliance and to identify risk factors which must be incorporated in the Audit Planning process.

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